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Women in History Award

The North Chisago Historical Society honors women, past and present, who have been significant to the North Chisago area. Award presentations take place in March — Women's History Month. This annual program is rewarding for the historical society in terms of research and preserving area history, and also to the families of the women honored.

2012 Award Recipients (DVD*)

Selma Johanna "Sally" Moulton (Rush City)

2011 Award Recipients (DVD*)

Mattie Sharp Challeen (Rush City)

Agnes Olivia Lundquist Hertenstein (Rush City)

2010 Award Recipients (DVD*)

Minnie Gee (Rush City)

Emma Rystrom Collins (North Branch)

Tilda Rystrom (North Branch)

2009 Award Recipients

Ruth Eddstein Easton (North Branch)

Mina Bertine Johnson (Rush City)

Svea E. Swenson (Fish Lake)

2008 Award Recipients

Amanda Anderson (Rush City)

Alida Anderson Aaron (Rush City)

Charlotte Brooker (North Branch)

2007 Award Recipients

Georgia McKay Gaustad (Rush City)

Merilla Lee Stone (Rush City)

2006 Award Recipients

Norma Gustafson Carlson (North Branch)

Maxine Tracy Gregor (North Branch)

Becky Pearson (North Branch)

2005 Award Recipients

Effie Sheldon Bornhoft (Rush City)

Ruth Robinson Duccini (Rush City)

Sarah Harris Mold (Harris)

Esther Howard Schmidt (North Branch)

* DVD of the presentation is available.